Tuesday, 26 April 2011

japanese plates journal entry 2

the second set of japanese plates is yet to be completed but here is the progress so far. the set will contain a geisha, a samurai and an old japanese man. the picture of the geisha is just drawn on paper and will be put onto a plate next. the samurai is the plate i have just finished due to the intricate detail in the armour i drew it in marker as i am not steady with a bruch however outlines can be added in paint later for a bolder finish. the translation on the samurai plate means 'Bushido' which is way of the warrior.

japanese plates journal entry

over the easter break i got given the job of creating japanese plates. here is the first set, three square plates when put together show a scene of a cherry blossom tree. The plates were simply bought plain white and the i painted the outline on. the shading is done with permanent marker and then finally a small amount of colour added to the cherry blossoms with more paint.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


this is a quick picture of me and dan with out model bookcase. the measurements are literally taken from the cad drawings and doubled.

japanese plates

so my side project for over easter is to paint the japanese plates from the book. ive decided to make 9. 3 sets with 3 plates in each set. these will probably be a set of traditional japanese characters such as geishas, old wise men etc another set of japanese nature, birds, sakura trees, fish etc. and finally a last set of traditional japanese views such as mount fuji. from around the time most plates would have been white with the paintings in blue but ill incorporate some dusty pink colours to match the drawing room. here is a couple of pictures i found to inspire my sets.