Friday, 25 March 2011

something interesting

as the theme is psycological terror i stumbled upon this website which sets the mood nicely. it is the 10 most horrific russian torture devices. quite a good read.

Monday, 21 March 2011

quick note

for next monday

wooden desk chair
have research, sketches and autocad designs ready to show the group

russian folklore

here is some basic superstitions and traditions relating to death and deathly omens in Russia.

first of all birds are normally quite bad omens. although you would originally think that only ravens are a sign of death, in Russia it is many or all birds.
if birds land on a window sill they should be chased away. but if a bird taps on the window or flies into it (open or closed) then it is a bad omen and often a sign of death.

if a chicken crows three times before midday then a close family member is suspected to die within two weeks. the chicken should be killed but never eaten as eating it will bring worse fate.

as for the discussions in the meetings i could not really find anything particular about ravens even though we know then as symbolic death. it seems to be that birds and black cats in general are the main animal omens.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

the times and ruler in the 1880's

possibly the most famous two russians are joseph stalin and rasputin. these two were alive at the time of the book but not important figures the book pre dates the times when they were important.

the people that are in power at the time of the book are alexander II and alexander III. the book is set 5 years after the assasination of alexander II who was emporer of the russian empire. though he died before the book certain changes were still important due to his killing.

1.before alexander the II died he planned to bring plans for an elected parliament to russia. these were completed the day before he was killed but not released in time. had he lived Russia might have followed a path to constitutional monarchy instead of the long road of oppression that defined his successor's reign.

2. anti jewish riots(pogroms) and legislation also followed his death.

3. russian police were supressed under his reign therefore following the assasination their brutality came back in full force.

police and officials would have been strict and brutal during the book. also the plans for elected parliament were not bought in until the 1900's by alexander II grandson nicholas II. therefore russia remained dictated.

at the actual time of the book Alexander III was Tsar. he was known as alexander the peacemaker.

the death of ivan iloych

so the name of the book is difficult to pronounce but the names inside the book itself is even worse. in spite of this i have started reading and making annotations which i will post when i have finished the book.

as i was unavaliable for the beginning of the project i did not create a mood board but chose a subject to research instead. i will be looking into Russia in the 1880's. important events surrounding this time, rulers, laws, fashion, architecture, interiors etc and specifically to the year of 1886 if possible. this will show us what the whole of Russia was like rather than just the 2 rooms. possibly helping us make more informed decisions.also some of these things may help us to understand how people would have acted or looked like at the time.