Monday, 21 March 2011

russian folklore

here is some basic superstitions and traditions relating to death and deathly omens in Russia.

first of all birds are normally quite bad omens. although you would originally think that only ravens are a sign of death, in Russia it is many or all birds.
if birds land on a window sill they should be chased away. but if a bird taps on the window or flies into it (open or closed) then it is a bad omen and often a sign of death.

if a chicken crows three times before midday then a close family member is suspected to die within two weeks. the chicken should be killed but never eaten as eating it will bring worse fate.

as for the discussions in the meetings i could not really find anything particular about ravens even though we know then as symbolic death. it seems to be that birds and black cats in general are the main animal omens.

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