Thursday, 17 March 2011

the death of ivan iloych

so the name of the book is difficult to pronounce but the names inside the book itself is even worse. in spite of this i have started reading and making annotations which i will post when i have finished the book.

as i was unavaliable for the beginning of the project i did not create a mood board but chose a subject to research instead. i will be looking into Russia in the 1880's. important events surrounding this time, rulers, laws, fashion, architecture, interiors etc and specifically to the year of 1886 if possible. this will show us what the whole of Russia was like rather than just the 2 rooms. possibly helping us make more informed decisions.also some of these things may help us to understand how people would have acted or looked like at the time.

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  1. u should have a look at Catherine the great....she was patron of the arts a part from queen,she die before 1880 like 3 years before or so...but for sure she's got a lot of influence in the art and architecture the years after...