Thursday, 26 May 2011

construction of the cabinet

the cabinet was not something that i was originally asked to make however dan, nuria and myself decided to make all three pieces of furniture together. we had a design for the cabinet however no autocad was produced so we had no measurements to work with. because of this we had to use our own opinions to create this piece. first of all we decided that instead of the cabinet being tall and thin (as it would resemble the bookcase too much) we would have a fairly low cabinet and quite wide. we recycled the door that was taken from the what not and used it as the door to our cabinet. to determine how big the sides of the cabinet would be we simply took a piece of 18mm MDF and drew around the curve of the door, then drew another curve on each side of the first. then we cut two of these out and added a rectangular back with braces. this gave us the shape of the cabinet.

two walls were the put up inside the cabinet to seal off the middle curve. we attatched two shelves in there and attached the door. three curved shelves were put on each side of the cabinet. when putting the top on we used a nail gun and as shown below we ended up with a bit of a nail graveyard inside which we had to correct.

the whole thing was then sanded and varnished. at first we were going to carve legs for the cabinet but we decided that it would look incorrect and therefore left it as it was. the cabinet was places between the two windows in the drawing room.


  1. the thick mdf was 12mm thick to my memory as the 15mm nails only just went through so we had to use the larger nails and the ail nailer with 25mm/20mm nails

  2. so it was thank you for correcting me on that one probably got confused with one of the other pieces :)