Thursday, 26 May 2011

quick note

although the project was very stressful and there were worries that we wouldnt finish in time it was very enjoyable and great to work in such large groups to see everyone showing off their talents. this is a quick document of some of the fun that we had along the way:

melting a lot of wax to cover things like hands and candlesticks. good thing someone in the class had a lighter!

rhyan chilling in her creation the love seat. it was about time for a rest

sarah is death! who knew it?

hiding ivan the dulux dog from group 1

casting hands. they looked great

kirby, along with many others were unfortunatly eaten by the shark. r.i.p

thunderbirds are go! shoe covers can be much fun

everything looked great and now that we are finished the stress is over. i found this project both fun and stressful but i would deffinatly do it again.

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