Thursday, 26 May 2011

putting up the flats

Henry jones worked with us in putting u the flats. we began by placing each one against a wall at the side of the room in the rough place where it would go. we started with the study corner. making sure that the two flats are flush we then simply screwed into the struts to hold them together. this continued all around the room. a major problem that we faced was the floor being uneven. because of this we had floating drawing room walls. to correct this we added wedges underneath the flats and then used a 'zipper' effect to screw this flats together. this is where we screwed from the bottom, up, changing the sides in which we screwed with each screw. we had a few wobbly walls afterwards due to not putting header in so Rob, Dan and myself screwed a length of pine between the door gaps to strengthen everything.

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