Thursday, 26 May 2011

making a flat


17- 4x8
7- 2x8
1- 3.5x8
1- 1.5x8

3- 3x3 (footers)
2- 4x1.5 (headers)

Making a flat is fairly simple however, when creating a set you need many of them and this can be quite tedious and time consuming. First of all we cut out 3x1 pine to the lengths that we needed them. We then screwed them together to make a basic rectangular frame. Then we screwed struts between the frame at 2 foot intervals. This was the basis to a flat. It then needed skinning. For this we used a sheet of plywood and nail gunned it to the frame. The router was then used to cut off the excess from the flat. This was then painted and hand grained. We continued this until all of the flats were completed.

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